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Message from the President


As we began to expand Wingstop locations throughout U.S., we found many communities in significant need of resources and support, particularly around education. We met bright, talented, funny, shy, outrageous and smart kids, whose opportunities were limited by challenges around staying in school and accessing higher education.  In fact, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, children growing up in America's biggest under-resourced school districts – those that serve large numbers of children from very disadvantaged backgrounds – have only 50% chance of graduating high school. 


The Wingstop Foundation was created to support education in underserved communities by providing aid to students who lack the means to attend college, as well as assisting local community organizations in need of funds to continue their afterschool and summer services. Through these efforts, the Wingstop Foundation aims to help improve the graduation rates of urban students across the country and increase awareness and support for programs that keep kids in school. 


An education is the most powerful tool we have to unlock the talents and dreams of millions of children who can positively impact our world in the very near future. I hope you find the resources provided on this site to be informative and helpful. Please reach out to us with any questions. We appreciate your support!




Charlie Morrison

President, Wingstop Foundation